Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A Puppy Update

If you've read my blog for a little while, you'll know that last year, my chocolate lab Fudge, became the proud mummy to 9 little babies. After 8/9 weeks of bringing them up, 7 of them went off to their new families to be loved and cared for while 2 of them, Baxter & Maisy became part of our family.

I have a done a few updates since they were born, but realised the other day that I haven't done one in quite some time, and last week, on 12th June, they turned 1 (or 7 in dog years)! I can't believe that they are 1 already, but they are still my little puppies, and although they can be little munchkins most of the time, they really do complete our family and I bloomin well adore them! 

So, without further ado, here's some update pictures of the little ones (and mum of course - however she is very camera shy so we don't get many shots of here)!  

FYI - This post will be picture heavy and I do not apologise - who can resist pictures of puppies!
The Harvey Labrador family (including the puppy pictures)

Baxter is a typical boistorous boy - he loves to jump up and give you kisses and more than anthing,, he loves his ball (or what's left of it)! We cannot go on a walk without it - he literally cry's and searches for it if we happen to forget it! 

Puppy piggyback anyone??

Not quite worked out how to sit on the tiled floor yet

Maisy is much more reserved than Baxter - she's much smaller and very very shy. Maisy is basically scared of pretty much everything and has actually ran away at the thought that another dog was going to approach her - this is something we're working on with her but she is very fragile indeed and loves to be close to you - she will stare you out for as long as it takes before you give in and let her up on the sofa for snuggles! 

And finally there's Mummy Fudge who seriously has the patience of a saint! She puts up with a hell of a lot from her little pups, but it is so adorable watching them grow together! Just look at that last picture - like mother, like son - it makes my heart melt! 

Waiting for their treats after posing for all their pictures!

I hope you've enjoyed your puppy update - I will do another later down the line I'm sure ;) 


  1. Awww so cute, 9 babies, wow :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Ah thank you - they are pretty adorable! XX


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