Sunday, 23 June 2013

A room for me

I treated myself to the final bit of furniture that I've wanted to complete my 'dressing room' - yes, my very own room! I live in a 3 bed bungalow - one room is our bedroom, the other smallest room is the bf's home office/den and the final room is mine! I have been working on it for a few years now, doing bits as and when I could but I am finally there now - all I need to do is tidy it and keep it that way!

I wanted to share with you some of my favourite bits from the room and of course, show off my new piece of furniture! So, on with the photo's...

The furniture in the room is all 'shabby chic' type looking so this 3 drawer chest from Dunelm-Mill fitted perfectly. I've had my eye on it for quite some time but noticed on Friday night that it had 20% off making it only £63.99 so couldn't resist (hurry if you want it, 20% finished tonight - Sunday 23rd June)!

It's a slightly different colour white to the rest of the furniture, be hey-ho - it all adds to the rustic feel (doesn't it)!

I have set it up next to my little blogging chair where I usually curl up of an evening to catch up on my bloglovin roll (or heaven forbid, write my own post)!

On top at the moment is a Tiffany box which I'm using for storage of little trinkets, 2 little candle holders (I've taken the candles out of it as it was rose scented and I'm not the biggest fan), my memory jar, China Glaze For Audrey and finally my calendar block!

Some of my favourite things in the room as these bookmarks from 'East of India' - I adore these quotes - they have so many and it was difficult to narrow down the choice, but these all have some meaning to me so they fitted perfectly!

Scrabble tiles bought from Typo in Sydney | Bookmarks from Ebay

A little odd, but some storage boxes - alongside the usual suspects of Ikea storage boxes, I also have a few random ones that I have scattered in-between - I adore the bird print on this one (bought from Store 21).

And finally, something very personal which was a gift to me from my Aunty & Uncle on my 18th. In this frame, is a pound coin for every year from my birth year to my 18th year (except for 2009 - we have NEVER been able to find this one). I absolutely love it - so my thought and effort went in to making it and I really have cherished it over the years (I've even made a couple since for friends special birthdays).

I hope you like my favourite picks and I'd love to see your dressing room if you have one :)


  1. oh looks so pretty!! love the bookmarks :D

    1. Thanks - the bookmarks are one of my favourite things in there :) XX

  2. I absolutely love your chest of drawers, they are the same style as my dressing table.
    Your room looks gorgeous. That photo frame is such a lovely gift.x

    1. Ah I love this style-when I moved in the first thing I did was buy this furniture-it's so pretty & feminine! XX

  3. I've just moved house and have been designated (designated myself) a dressing room too!

    Your room is really pretty, I especially love your scrabble letters and drawers.



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