Sunday, 7 July 2013

Game, Set & Match

So this week, I headed off on my annual trip down to London to catch the semi-finals of Wimbledon with some of my bestest friends. This is the 3rd year we've done this and it just gets better and better every year! We awoke, rather bleary eyed after very little sleep on Friday morning at 4am, ready to make the trip over to Wimbledon to make sure we had a good spot in the queue - and luckily we did! Once through security (after a few minor queries regarding our picnic knives and so on) we were ready to get on the Hill! We've never really been fussed for getting in to any of the courts, if you been yourself, the atmosphere on the Hill is more than enough exciting!

Alas, we made it and settled down with our picnic and prosecco and enjoyed (melted in) the sunshine - what a bloomin glorious day it was for a day at Wimbledon!

Come Murray's match - everyone was more than ready and got in to the spirits - boy the Djockovic match was a long one! Once the roof went on and we had some time to wander around, we decided to give the re-sale office a try and see what the deal was with Centre Court - well the deal was bloody amazing! We managed to get Centre Court tickets, 3 rows from the front, for ten blooming British pounds! Excited was not the word-we were pretty overwhelmed by the whole thing to be honest! We quickly packed up our picnics and headed straight off just in time to watch the final set play out and see Murray waltz in to the final! I'm not going to lie, it was pretty spectacular and to spend it with my bestest friends was just incredible! This is definitely one for the memory jar!

Including a special photo bomb here!

It's safe to say that Saturday for me was pretty tiring - after very little sleep on Thursday, and then again on Friday, I felt like a complete zombie yesterday, but I pulled myself together and spent the day with one of my closest friends having some delicious lunch (I'd highly recommend Mishkins in London), a mooch around the shops and then a chill out back at the flat!

I am now spending my Sunday writing this (obviously), lounging around my house watching the final after getting up at 6am to take my bf to the airport so he can jet off somewhere hot whilst I spend the week all on my lonesome!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and have been enjoying this amazing weather we're currently experiencing (which is set to hang around for the next 2 weeks or so-fingers crossed anyway)!

Ta ta for now (form a very tired and weary Cat)


  1. Soo jealous that you were there at the semi-final! And for £10 too! Amazing :) x

    1. HAHA it was pretty amazing to be honest - well worth the hours sat baking on Henman Hill :) would definitely recommend going if you ever get the chance :) X


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