Monday, 22 July 2013

Living life lately*

Life has been a bit up and down recently - after the ups of Wimbledon and an all round fantastic weekend with friends, I came home to find my dog was very poorly - over that weekend she had suddenly lost the use of her back legs and was unable to walk :(

I'm not gonna lie, my doggies are quite a large part of my life - even though I don't live with them (as they live at my parents house), I see them pretty much daily and, I gushed enough about them in one of my latest posts but they really do become a huge part of the family!

After many many vets visits, it was decided that Fudge must of had some kind of spinal trauma - don't know how or when or where! I'm not going to lie, there was some pretty horrific days with the poor little thing where she was so unsettled, unhappy and clearly in pain, but with that all sorted for now, it's just a matter of time before we know if this is going to be anything permanent or if she will, with time and rest (vets orders and advice) regain the use of her back legs again.

The signs are positive as she has started wagging her tail once again and is show very slight movement in her legs so fingers and every bloody thing else, all will be well!

So, the last few weeks of mine have been spent lying next to little Fudge comforting her - she hates to be alone and my parents are away in Canada at the moment so it's been pretty tough going!

Luckily the weather has been somewhat lovely (to say the least) so our days have been spent in the garden just chillin (obviously I have ensured she's been under a parasol and has plenty of water)!

The pups have been so wonderful with her and very gentle around her which is lovely to see - I just can't wait for the day when they can be playing again #positivethinking!

Whilst we've had some quality time, I have taken every opportunity to take as many photographs as I can - the poor dogs are sick of my commands. I was contacted a while back about reviewing some phone accessories for Three Mobile. Being a complete sucker for instagram, I opted to go for the Holga Special Lens & Filter Turret* for the iPhone 5. It's a case which just clips on and then you can twist the back to change the filter on the camera. As cheesy as it sounds, I was complete drawn in by the 'heart' filter (as you can tell by the pictures below). I really like this case - I have it in my bag with me and whenever I'm out and about and getting ready to instagram every thing you see/do/eat/drink, I've been whipping this bad boy out!

Well, I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine and that you're weeks have been better than mine! I have a few posts already written up for next week which I hope you'll like and I'll speak soon!


  1. Your black lab looks so much like one of mine, how is he/she bred?

    I really hope Fudge makes a full and fast recovery, poor girl xx

    1. Ah we had Fudge mated last year with a local dog-the pups are so adorable!

      Thanks for the well wishes for Fudge :) XX

  2. Oh poor Fudge :( have all my fingers crossed that she makes a speedy recovery- glad you are there to give lots of hugs! X

    1. Thank you lovely - she's making some real progress at the moment and is even starting to use her right leg a little - it's only small but there's something at least! XX


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