Sunday, 28 July 2013


Last weekend, I took full advantage of the beautiful weather we've been having and had a good old girlie night in. We decided to go for a BBQ, which was the perfect opportunity to take part in the Money Supermarket Charcoal Challenge*. MSM are offering bloggers £50 to show how you'd through the ultimate BBQ by getting the most out of your money!

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't as good as it had been, so we did what we could and spent the majority of the evening just inside with the patio doors open so we could still get that BBQ smell!

I spent all day getting the house together and making it all look pretty!

I pinched my ditsy floral bunting from my spare room to decorate the dining room!

Pretty flowers from the garden!

This is actually my first BBQ that I have ever thrown, by myself that is, and being me, spent most of my budget on prettifying the place hehe!

I decided to go sensible and pick up some paper plates - easy cleaning and I absolutely loved these floral prints!

I picked up this produce tray as I thought it would be handy for carrying things around etc and then finally - picked up these very cute little milk bottles - I have wanted them for so long and figured, as we had the BBQ going, I would make one of my favourite milkshakes - toasted marshmallow & nutella - absolute heaven!

Although the weather wasn't great, we still had a lovely evening with lots of scrummy food!

I decided to go for some mini burgers-I always find there's so much food at BBQ's so wanted to keep it to little bits of lots of things! Hot dogs (standard) and the made some BBQ pulled pork and some make-your-own chicken skewers - I know how fussy I am with vegetables etc so decided to leave it to the girls to choose exactly what they'd like! All in all, I think the evening was a great success - we were absolutely stuffed and laughed lots - exactly what I needed!

How would you throw your perfect BBQ? You can join in the Charcoal Challenge too - just throw your BBQ, write your post and email it across to by the 1st August (full details can be found here)!

Hope you've been enjoying the lovely weather - lets hope the weatherman isn't right and we're not heading for some thunderstorms!


  1. What a pretty BBQ :) I really want those milk bottles too, they are so pretty and also really handy for carrying several drinks at the same time. x

    1. Thank you lovely-the milk bottles are very cute (although much smaller than I first thought)! XX


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