Sunday, 25 August 2013

A few of my favourite things...

We all know I don't do monthly favourites - I don't use enough products etc to warrant doing monthly favourites but I thought I'd share with you my current favourites - all the little bits n bobs that I've been loving over the summer!

As random as it may sound but flannels - yes, you read that right, flannels. I don't know whether it's just me, but a whole skincare phenomenon happened recently where everyone has become so obsessed with what products to use. And, it might just be me, and I know she's been around for quite a while and bloody well knows her stuff, but Caroline Hirons seems to have just popped up everywhere and when she says something skincare wise, it's gospel! I admit, I am one of those people who are taking all she says and bloomin well trying it and with that came flannels! Caroline swears by using good old traditional flannels for the cleansing part of a routine so, as the little sheep I am, I followed suit and picked some up. I have just normal ones but I treated myself to these lovely Cath Kidston flannels whilst I was visiting London last month and they look so pretty in my bathroom (the bf wasn't as keen but he's not the one using them)-I have since picked some pretty floral ones up from Primark which were only £1.50 for 2! I really feel like my face is being properly cleaned and getting a good old scrubbing (nothing too harsh of course). If you're not using a flannel in your routine - I would definitely recommend.

I got this in a little gift-set for Christmas and really wasn't that fussed for it at first - I didn't think it did anything colour wise, but since I've got a little colour to me (thank you Mr Sunshine), I absolutely love this stuff! I have used nothing but this all summer! It's very light, so perfect for the weather we've been having, but still has that something to give you the feeling of not being naked on the face! I'm not sure if it's just going to be a summer thing for me, but I'm loving it for now.

My parents recently visited my Nanna out in Canada and one thing I asked for, if they were ever near a Sephora, was a rollerball version of my Marc Jacobs Daisy. Unfortunately they couldn't get it, but picked me up a bottle of the Daisy Eau So Fresh and well, this is just beautiful! I am a sweet, floral kinda scent girl and this just ticks all the boxes for me - it's been perfect this Summer! If you like that sweet scent then I would definitely recommend you go and give this a whiff!

Apologies it's dirty - I've used it this morning with the NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Hot Pink

When I got the core collection way back when, the contour brush was put to one side and forgotten about - I don't do contouring, I'm just not good enough so didn't think I would have a use for it. But, how wrong was I - I have found that this is the perfect partner for all my cream blushers! A few little dabs in the blush and it allows me to apply just perfectly to the apples of my cheeks

Still a bit wobbly but STANDING!

And if we couldn't get any more random that flannels, I'm going to include my doggy Fudge. I mentioned a few posts ago that Fudge wasn't very well and had lost the use of her back legs suddenly with no rhyme nor reason. Well, 6 weeks on, and a couple of hydrotherapy sessions later, she is making incredible progress! This week, she went from scooting around using just her front legs to a full on stand. She can now push herself up and hold it for a short while and walk a little - she's more like a drunken person trying to walk in a straight line, but it's amazing progress! I think the vets are going to be incredibly impressed with our little fudgey-bear, they had warned us not to expect much before Christmas as these kinds of things can take months, but Fudge is most definitely one in a million!

What are your favourites at the moment - the more random the better! 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Saving Hope

Last night, the BF and I started watching a new tv series Saving Hope. If you've not heard about it, it's basically the story of 2 Dr's, Dr Reid and Dr Harris who, on their way to their wedding are involved in a car crash. Dr Harris ends up in a coma and the show the follow's Dr Reid and how she's coping with it and her patients - I'd highly recommend! We're only on episode 3 but I can see it's going to become a firm favourite!

Anyway, today's post is all about emotions and my lack of control on mine! My name is Cat and I'm a crier!

By the end of the first episode last night, I was a complete emotional wreck, with my mascara all over my face! This is not unusual for me - I cry most days, whether it be because of something I've read or something I've watched or just because I'm thinking about loved ones that are no longer here. I even cry when watching things like Neighbours for god's sake and don't even get me started on 24 hours in A&E!

I'm my own worst nightmare to be honest, but, whenever there is something sad, I tend to put myself in that situation and wonder how I would be feeling :( For example last night, watching Saving Hope, all I could think about was how I would be feeling if that was my BF in a coma - cue flood gates opening right now just at the thought! I think since I lost my brother and my best friend within a year of each other, although it made me tough, it also made me a very sensitive person.

I hope I'm not the only one - it has now gotten to the point that my friends won't come to the cinema if we know it's going to an emotional one (My Sister's Keeper was the last straw for them I think)! My bf thinks it's pretty ridiculous and I'd like to know I'm not alone - this is normal right?

Thursday, 1 August 2013

A lick of new paint

Well it's been more than a lick of paint! You may have noticed already, but if not or if you're new, I've a lovely re-design on the 'old blog!

I loved my old design, but it was time for a change and that's exactly what I got! I've been looking around for quite a while trying to figure out what I wanted from my re-design and whilst doing so, I came across the lovely Amy from PaintPotted!

I wanted my blog to reflect who I am (don't we all) and worked with Amy to create a lovely, pretty and light new design (not that I'm saying I'm lovely, pretty or light). When I say worked with, I rambled on and on about what I would like and Amy came up with the goods - I take no credit for the lovely design!

I would highly recommend Amy and her amazing talents if you're looking for a new design and her prices are just incredible - a whole new design (and she installed) for just £10!

I hope you all like!