Sunday, 4 August 2013

Saving Hope

Last night, the BF and I started watching a new tv series Saving Hope. If you've not heard about it, it's basically the story of 2 Dr's, Dr Reid and Dr Harris who, on their way to their wedding are involved in a car crash. Dr Harris ends up in a coma and the show the follow's Dr Reid and how she's coping with it and her patients - I'd highly recommend! We're only on episode 3 but I can see it's going to become a firm favourite!

Anyway, today's post is all about emotions and my lack of control on mine! My name is Cat and I'm a crier!

By the end of the first episode last night, I was a complete emotional wreck, with my mascara all over my face! This is not unusual for me - I cry most days, whether it be because of something I've read or something I've watched or just because I'm thinking about loved ones that are no longer here. I even cry when watching things like Neighbours for god's sake and don't even get me started on 24 hours in A&E!

I'm my own worst nightmare to be honest, but, whenever there is something sad, I tend to put myself in that situation and wonder how I would be feeling :( For example last night, watching Saving Hope, all I could think about was how I would be feeling if that was my BF in a coma - cue flood gates opening right now just at the thought! I think since I lost my brother and my best friend within a year of each other, although it made me tough, it also made me a very sensitive person.

I hope I'm not the only one - it has now gotten to the point that my friends won't come to the cinema if we know it's going to an emotional one (My Sister's Keeper was the last straw for them I think)! My bf thinks it's pretty ridiculous and I'd like to know I'm not alone - this is normal right?

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