Sunday, 17 November 2013


Today I wanted to share a little bit (well a lot really) of love for the Boots Advantage Card and Boots Treat Street in particular.

If you've ever used a cashback website then you will be familiar with the concept of this type of website if not, I shall try my very best to explain this simply.

So basically, register with treat street and link your advantage card. Sign in and find the shop you want to do your online shopping. Once you've chosen the store, it will take you to the retailers website and you just shop like you normally would - but in the background somewhere, your are building up your advantage cards!

There are so many stores on there including places like New Look, ASOS, Apple, Cath Kidston and so many more.

I have been using treat street for so long now but recently I have built up so many points from buying things I wanted anyway. I have managed to build up quite a few recently after convincing my little bro to let me buy his iPhone 5S and iPad Air via my treat street account - cue lots of lovely treats for me! And with Christmas just around the corner, I'm sure you're all doing a bit of online shopping for others - why not get a little something back for yourself :)

It really is so easy to do - they make it even more simpler by providing a toolbar booster that you can download so that when you go on to a website that is eligible for treat street, you get a little pop-up telling you so (plus you get 100points (£1) for just installing).

Another way of building up points is referring friends - for every friend you refer and they sign up you get 250points (£2.50) and so do they (FYI if you want to sign up and get the points just leave your email below for me and I can make the referral - you don't have to but thought I'd offer)!

Let me know if you use it already or if you I've opened your eyes to a whole new advantage card point building world!?

p.s. This is not a sponsored post or anything, I just really love this site!


  1. sweeeet, I have heard of similar cash back sites for nectar cards but boots always seems to get me the most points, drop an email to I would love to sign up since we both gain points its a win-win ;)

    thanks for sharing, Josie x

    1. Hi Josie,

      Thanks for comming - I have just sent the email from treat street - happy collecting :) XX

  2. Hi, could you refer me please? thanks:) xx

    1. Hi Kayla,

      Thanks for your comment - I have just sent the email from treat street - hopefully it all works for you :)


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