Friday, 27 December 2013

363 sleeps to go...

And then it was gone...Christmas is now over for another year! I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sad-I love this time of year and it seems to have just come and go so quickly this year. 

I hope you all had a wonderful time with friends and family and ate far too much food - I will be disappointed if that didn't happen because I for one most definitely had my fair share, and some! 

Anyway, I thought I would share a few of my favourite presents that I was lucky enough to receive this year.

*Disclaimer - I am by no means showing off - I love to read these kinds of posts because I'm a nosey so & so, so thought I'd share my little bits with you*

As I've mentioned in a previous post, the other half and I went to London for our Christmas present to each other so we only had a few small bits to open on Christmas day and I mainly got money off family but here we go with my favourite picks...

I was really difficult this year for all my family as I just didn't know what I wanted so I gave no help whatsoever (hence why I mainly got money) but the one thing I asked for was a good pair of tan leather boots and here they are. They are from Clarks and are currently in the sale (we did actually buy them full price but on Christmas Eve, I spotted them in the sale so we took back the full priced ones and bought them again at half the price)!

Stackers Jewellery Box - I love these, basically, you buy one with a lid (like the one I got) then you can buy ones that stack underneath with different inserts for your jewellery - kind of like muji boxes but for jewellery). 

And finally, probably my favourite thing....the Paul & Joe Make-up bag! I love this so much-combining what is essentially a filofax & a make-up bag, just amazing! I am away next week so cannot wait to start using it! 

I got the usual toilettries, yankee candles and pj's but these were a few of my favourite picks! 

Hope you all got lots of lovely gifts, whatever they were and had a wonderful Christmas! 


  1. I got the Paul & Joe make up bag too and I'm in love with it, it's so cute :)

    1. It's so cute isn't it - there is just so much to love about the damn thing! It had it's first outing this weekend and did just the job :) XX


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