Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I love holidays, who doesn't - a little bit of time to get away from the real world for a little while and forget about everything normal and mundane. I haven't been on that many holidays in my years, mainly because my dreams are much bigger than my bank account will allow but the ones I have been on and the places I have been lucky enough to visit have been pretty damn good!

Once place that's always been on my 'to-visit' list is Italy (especially after reading Eat, Pray, Love and craving the most insane amount of pizza)! Well, the BF and I have decided as a little treat we're going to whisk ourselves off to just there - but where abouts to go? Have you ever been to Italy? Anywhere in particular you'd recommend? We were thinking Florence and after doing some reasearch it bloomin well looks beautiful!

Whilst searching around, we did actually come across a great deal for a 7day cruise - yup, you read that right, a cruise! No, we haven't lost our minds, and we're not old before our time (well maybe we are but that's another matter) but the cruise would take us to Rome, Naples and Florence.

Florence at sunset

Please send me any links, suggestions, advice if you've ever been to Italy and in particular Florence (unless there's another place in Italy you think is a must over there).

I love planning for holidays and will definitely be starting up a little pinterest board for my little jolly. I actually think planning for the holiday is just as good as going on one. I was recently asked to take part in a 'holidays habits poll'* that were doing to find out the habits of the nation when it comes to holidays - from preparation to what we like to get up to whilst away. The results have been quite interesting to read to be honest although I'm not sure I agree with the overwhelming choice of beach holidays - not my ideal of the perfect holidays, I love being up and about doing something/seeing things!

Image source: MoneySupermarket Travel Insurance

If you've got any suggestions or 'must go to/stay at' places in Italy, please share! 

Sunday, 28 July 2013


Last weekend, I took full advantage of the beautiful weather we've been having and had a good old girlie night in. We decided to go for a BBQ, which was the perfect opportunity to take part in the Money Supermarket Charcoal Challenge*. MSM are offering bloggers £50 to show how you'd through the ultimate BBQ by getting the most out of your money!

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't as good as it had been, so we did what we could and spent the majority of the evening just inside with the patio doors open so we could still get that BBQ smell!

I spent all day getting the house together and making it all look pretty!

I pinched my ditsy floral bunting from my spare room to decorate the dining room!

Pretty flowers from the garden!

This is actually my first BBQ that I have ever thrown, by myself that is, and being me, spent most of my budget on prettifying the place hehe!

I decided to go sensible and pick up some paper plates - easy cleaning and I absolutely loved these floral prints!

I picked up this produce tray as I thought it would be handy for carrying things around etc and then finally - picked up these very cute little milk bottles - I have wanted them for so long and figured, as we had the BBQ going, I would make one of my favourite milkshakes - toasted marshmallow & nutella - absolute heaven!

Although the weather wasn't great, we still had a lovely evening with lots of scrummy food!

I decided to go for some mini burgers-I always find there's so much food at BBQ's so wanted to keep it to little bits of lots of things! Hot dogs (standard) and the made some BBQ pulled pork and some make-your-own chicken skewers - I know how fussy I am with vegetables etc so decided to leave it to the girls to choose exactly what they'd like! All in all, I think the evening was a great success - we were absolutely stuffed and laughed lots - exactly what I needed!

How would you throw your perfect BBQ? You can join in the Charcoal Challenge too - just throw your BBQ, write your post and email it across to by the 1st August (full details can be found here)!

Hope you've been enjoying the lovely weather - lets hope the weatherman isn't right and we're not heading for some thunderstorms!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Living life lately*

Life has been a bit up and down recently - after the ups of Wimbledon and an all round fantastic weekend with friends, I came home to find my dog was very poorly - over that weekend she had suddenly lost the use of her back legs and was unable to walk :(

I'm not gonna lie, my doggies are quite a large part of my life - even though I don't live with them (as they live at my parents house), I see them pretty much daily and, I gushed enough about them in one of my latest posts but they really do become a huge part of the family!

After many many vets visits, it was decided that Fudge must of had some kind of spinal trauma - don't know how or when or where! I'm not going to lie, there was some pretty horrific days with the poor little thing where she was so unsettled, unhappy and clearly in pain, but with that all sorted for now, it's just a matter of time before we know if this is going to be anything permanent or if she will, with time and rest (vets orders and advice) regain the use of her back legs again.

The signs are positive as she has started wagging her tail once again and is show very slight movement in her legs so fingers and every bloody thing else, all will be well!

So, the last few weeks of mine have been spent lying next to little Fudge comforting her - she hates to be alone and my parents are away in Canada at the moment so it's been pretty tough going!

Luckily the weather has been somewhat lovely (to say the least) so our days have been spent in the garden just chillin (obviously I have ensured she's been under a parasol and has plenty of water)!

The pups have been so wonderful with her and very gentle around her which is lovely to see - I just can't wait for the day when they can be playing again #positivethinking!

Whilst we've had some quality time, I have taken every opportunity to take as many photographs as I can - the poor dogs are sick of my commands. I was contacted a while back about reviewing some phone accessories for Three Mobile. Being a complete sucker for instagram, I opted to go for the Holga Special Lens & Filter Turret* for the iPhone 5. It's a case which just clips on and then you can twist the back to change the filter on the camera. As cheesy as it sounds, I was complete drawn in by the 'heart' filter (as you can tell by the pictures below). I really like this case - I have it in my bag with me and whenever I'm out and about and getting ready to instagram every thing you see/do/eat/drink, I've been whipping this bad boy out!

Well, I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine and that you're weeks have been better than mine! I have a few posts already written up for next week which I hope you'll like and I'll speak soon!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Game, Set & Match

So this week, I headed off on my annual trip down to London to catch the semi-finals of Wimbledon with some of my bestest friends. This is the 3rd year we've done this and it just gets better and better every year! We awoke, rather bleary eyed after very little sleep on Friday morning at 4am, ready to make the trip over to Wimbledon to make sure we had a good spot in the queue - and luckily we did! Once through security (after a few minor queries regarding our picnic knives and so on) we were ready to get on the Hill! We've never really been fussed for getting in to any of the courts, if you been yourself, the atmosphere on the Hill is more than enough exciting!

Alas, we made it and settled down with our picnic and prosecco and enjoyed (melted in) the sunshine - what a bloomin glorious day it was for a day at Wimbledon!

Come Murray's match - everyone was more than ready and got in to the spirits - boy the Djockovic match was a long one! Once the roof went on and we had some time to wander around, we decided to give the re-sale office a try and see what the deal was with Centre Court - well the deal was bloody amazing! We managed to get Centre Court tickets, 3 rows from the front, for ten blooming British pounds! Excited was not the word-we were pretty overwhelmed by the whole thing to be honest! We quickly packed up our picnics and headed straight off just in time to watch the final set play out and see Murray waltz in to the final! I'm not going to lie, it was pretty spectacular and to spend it with my bestest friends was just incredible! This is definitely one for the memory jar!

Including a special photo bomb here!

It's safe to say that Saturday for me was pretty tiring - after very little sleep on Thursday, and then again on Friday, I felt like a complete zombie yesterday, but I pulled myself together and spent the day with one of my closest friends having some delicious lunch (I'd highly recommend Mishkins in London), a mooch around the shops and then a chill out back at the flat!

I am now spending my Sunday writing this (obviously), lounging around my house watching the final after getting up at 6am to take my bf to the airport so he can jet off somewhere hot whilst I spend the week all on my lonesome!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and have been enjoying this amazing weather we're currently experiencing (which is set to hang around for the next 2 weeks or so-fingers crossed anyway)!

Ta ta for now (form a very tired and weary Cat)