Sunday, 23 February 2014

A puppy catch-up

So it's been a very long while since I last included a puppy update on 'apocketfullofdreams' so I thought I'd use this very lazy Sunday to give you a little catch-up!

On a side note - I'm not sure when I have to stop calling them puppies - they will be 2 this year but I think they will always be referred to as the puppies by me!

Mummy Fudge is doing incredible - after her unexplained spell of paralysis last year, she is doing so much better. She still isn't 100%, but I think she's come as far as she will do! She's able to come on out for a walk with her little babies which makes her very happy indeed! She's like the slinky dog from Toy Story where her back end wobbles from side to side, but it doesn't bother her at all! The vets have said that she's probably as recovered as she's going to be now but she is more than happy with herself so that's all that matters for us! We did have a doggy-sleepover last week where Fudge came to my house for a bit of a break - she's in season at the moment and needed a break from the constant howling from Baxter (as did my mum and dad)!

Baxter is a very friendly, happy little boy - he absolutely adores meeting new people and especially other doggy's just like himself! He's quite an independent dog - of an evening when everyone's settled down, he seems to take himself off in to another room for some 'alone' time. More than anything though, Baxter loves getting up on the sofa and snuggling up - on his own or if you're lucky, you can nab a little snuggle!

Maisy is still as timid as ever - she is literally scared of anything (she's been known to jump when seeing her own reflection before now). She was recently spayed which she wasn't very happy about - she was upset about being left at the vets on her own as she doesn't go anywhere unless the other 2 are with her so that was pretty tough. But, after a day or so of ignoring up and sitting in her basket feeling very sorry for herself, that all went out the window and she was up on the sofa having cuddles.

One happy doggy family! 

My mum and dad have a little plaque in their house which say's 'It's the Dogs house - we just pay the mortgage' and it couldn't be more true in their house! The dogs do get away with whatever they want but they give so much back. I am one of those people who believe a family isn't complete without a family dog - we have always had a dog and for our family and I couldn't imagine not going out for a family walk (nearly everyday).

I hope you've all enjoyed catching with my little pupstars - we've just got in from a very windy beach walk and now chilling out in front of the fire - what better way to spend a lazy Sunday!


  1. What a lovely post with adorable pictures! Have a lovely weekend :)

    1. Aww thank you - they are pretty adorable :) XX

  2. Oooh how cute they all are!
    I just wrote a post about my labs first birthday over at

    I agree with you though, they'll always be puppies. Gorgeous photos, especially the one of the three of them in the car :)! hope they're all doing fantastic :)! x

    1. Aww thanks for your lovely comments! Hershey is adorable too - there's just something about labs I think :) Hope you he enjoyed his birthday xx


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