Tuesday, 6 May 2014

5 good things

I thought I'd pop up a '5 good things' post as things have been a bit 'meh recently so figured this would hopefully cheer me up a little!

1 - Let's start with the best thing coming up...It will be my birthday in one week and I like nothing more than birthdays - be it my own or someone else's! Birthday's are just such lovely days where you can spoil someone rotten, or be spoilt!

2 - Safari Park fun - On Sunday, I shall be heading to the West Midlands Safari Park to celebrate my upcoming birthday with all my lovely Uni friends and I am sooooooooo damn excited! I love zoo's/farm/safari parks so this is the perfect way to spend the day with some of my most favourite people in the world!

3 - NOTM (aka nail of the month) I love my nails this month (even if I only just got them one this evening)

Bio Sculpture Gel: Princess - perfect for the birthday girl! 

4 - Bank Holidays which equals time off work! I realise there are a lot of people out there that have to work over bank holidays and I feel your pain, I've been there in retail but I do appreciate the bank holidays and even more so over the recent weeks with so many in such quick succession! Coupled with some cleverly taken flexi days, I am definitely making the most of them!

5 - New beginnings - the OH and I have decided that this year will be a year of change and we shall relocate! This is all dependant on me getting a new job and boy have I been searching! If I'm honest, it's been quite a disheartening process with many many CV's being sent out and nothing coming back. But, I took a little break from looking and now I'm ready to get back in the game! I'm positive that something will come up and we can start a new chapter soon! #letsgetcatanewjob

What are your '5 good things' at the moment?


  1. Your nails are soooo pretty and girly I love them. Hope you had a great birthday xx

    Danielle || Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

    1. Thank you lovely - I'm rather happy with them this month! Had a wonderful birthday - thank you! X


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