Sunday, 18 May 2014

Another step closer to 30

Last week I waved goodbye to 27 and welcomed 28 in with a fanfare (well, maybe not quite a fanfare)! So many people were very quick to remind me that I am getting ever so close to 30, as if it's a bad thing but it doesn't actually bother me-I'm rather looking forward to what my 30's will have to offer!

But for now, I'm still in my 20's and spent the last week celebrating my birthday - and boy, have I enjoyed it!

It started on the Saturday with a visit to a local 'smokehouse' for an immense amount of food - something Adam from Man v Food would be proud of. We decided to go wit the sharing platter so we could have a taste of pretty much everything on the menu with a choice of 3 different flavoured ribs; brisket; mini sausages; pulled pork; fries; slaw & garlic sourdough - bloomin heck, I'm getting the meat sweats just thinking about it! That was followed by a fantastic fireside treat of toasting my own marshmallows with dipping chocolate! All in all it was a pretty fitting feast and sent us all home to collapse in a food coma for the rest of the day!

Sunday was a day to regress and visit childhood with a day at the safari park. We headed to the West Midlands Safari Park to meet with my bestest friends for a day of fun meeting all the animals and did we ever! We decided to take the guided tour around the safari on a little mini bus, mainly because there were so many of us & we wanted to be together and it was just fantastic! The guide had so much knowledge about the history of each animal and their time in the West Midlands and had such a good rapport with them all - we go up close and personal with so many but Henry the Giraffe was 100% my favourite friend of the day! Be warned, if you choose to take the guided tour, they go off road - don't be concered when you're face to face with a rhino, it's all part of the experience!

Meet Henry | When at a safari park get your face painted | Birthday cake - chocolate cake with salted caramel filling and decorated with an insane amount of chocolate fingers and malteasers! 

Monday was then spent shopping for birthday treats in Manchester! First stop was Tiffany for a treat every girl would be happy with and I am ever so grateful for the beautiful piece that the OH & I picked out! After Tiffany, it wasn't the most successful shopping trip - I was pretty underwhelmed with the offerings of the shops at the moment but I did treat myself to one very luxurious item that I just couldn't leave behind! Once I smelt the Sweet Almond & Macaroon scent in Jo Malone, I just couldn't leave without it - it is just divine!

Then we reached Tuesday, my actual birthday which was spent chilling out with family and finishing off the celebrations with take-away - perfect!

It's safe to say I enjoyed my birthday very much this year and have probably put on about a stone after all the food I've gorged on but it was worth it and I'm so grateful for everything that I have been luck enough to receive and for everyone that helped me celebrate - I am one lucky girl!

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  1. Happy (belated) birthday!

    Is it just me or does that giraffe look like it has an Afro??

    rachael xx | made up of little things


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