Sunday, 28 September 2014

Visiting: Barcelona Part 1

So recently, I packed my up my new suitcase and headed away for a few days with 2 of my bestest friends to Barcelona!

We decided on a girlie holiday as it's probably the last chance we'll get for this 'type' of holiday now marriage and babies have happened/ are on the horizon (neither of these are on my horizon just FYI) and boy was it difficult to decide on a location! We played with a few ideas but decided FINALLY on Barcelona and it was a very good choice!

First of all, I just want to give a mention to my new suitcase - nothing fancy at all but I needed a new one before jetting off and this one ticked the necessary boxes! The honourable mention however is for the 4 wheels - how have I travelled with a suitcase of just wheels! There was no greater feeling that 'walking' my suitcase along! Ok, so not that important, but boy was I impressed!

Anyway, on to the actual holiday!

Koala-Barr in the obligatory plane photo
(Koala-Barr is our best friend Barr who lives in Australia and couldn't join us) 

I'm a planner; a list person; the one with the itinerary - yup, I'm THAT person! The other 2, not so much so I took on the role of planning our days! The one request I was given was at least one beach day - blah blah blah!

I like to 'do' things on holidays - I don't enjoy sitting by a pool/at the beach - I get far too bored but compromise was required and made!

FYI I booked everything separately after plenty of research to see how to get the best deal! We flew out with great flight times which arrived early morning and departed late night which meant there was no time wasted with travelling!

We opted to stay in an apartment over a hotel so we had the flexibility to eat in etc. We booked the Eric Vokel Gran Via Suites apartment which were just amazing! We were on Gran Via (hence the name of the apartment) which was a fantastic location - about 20mins walk to La Rambla/13mins to the Font Magica! We booked a 2 bedroom suite and it was so much more spacious that we were expecting! When I think of city locations, I expect them to be compact but this was just perfect for what it was used for! As we booked direct via the Eric Vokel website we also had breakfast thrown in - this was a typical croissant/toast/ juice breakfast so we picked up some cereal and we were sorted everyday!

Lounge/Dining area
 Bedroom #2 with balcony
Balcony view
 Freebie corner - free tea/coffee/fruit/toiletries etc

DAY 1:
So day 1 was a busy one - we arrived, grabbed the Aerobus in to the city (very cheap transfer option at 5.90), checked-in, quick refresh, change and straight out to grab our lunch reservation at The Hard Rock cafe! Once suitable stuffed (which we definitely were), we jumped on the hop-on-hop-off tour bus and headed on our first part of Barcelona! This is a great way of seeing a new city - I do this every time I visit a new place, just to get my bearings and tick the boxes of all those sights that are typically touristy!
We hopped off at La Sagrada Familia and wow, what a place! It was just breathtaking walking around and taking it all in! FYI - book this in advance - the queue's were absolutely massive so it saved a lot of time!


DAY 2:
We joined part 2 of our bus tour today and picked up my friends parents who's cruise had docked for the day in Barcelona. We saw the sites, took the cable car up to Montjuic Castle, ate tapas and drank steins of beer!

To be continued...


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time!

    I'm the planner in our girl group too ;) x

    1. Thanks for your comment Cat - we did have a wonderful time! I'd highly recommend a visit!

      Must be something in the name that makes us excellent planners :) XX


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