Monday, 17 November 2014

Visiting: Paris part 2

If you missed part one of my travels around the beautiful Paris then don't worry, you can read all about it here - if not, then read on to catch up with the remainder of the trip.

Day 3
Suitably refreshed after our mega early night, we preened ourselves and headed out to explore this wonderful City. We stopped at the nearest patisserie we could find and grabbed a couple of croissants for breakfast - what else would you do when in Paris and made our way to The Louvre.

We decided to get this out of the way first thing before it got too busy and boy were we right to do so - by the time we were ready to leave the queues were mahoosive so there's a big tip for you! If I'm honest, wasn't overly impressed-it was just too big for me, you really needed to have a plan of what you wanted to see but saw the Mona Lisa so it was a tick of the list. Not sure about you, but when I'm visiting somewhere, especially for the first time, there are certain places that NEED to be seen/done and this was one of those trips, there was a check-list of things that needed to be ticked off!

Once out, we headed over to Pont des Arts to be a complete cliches and add our very own padlock - it just had to be done! There was something very beautiful though seeing all the padlocks and being in such a romantic city!

We then jumped on the hop-on-hop-off bus and started our tour of the City. We jumped off at various places - Notre Dame, Champs Elysée (with a re-fuel in Laduree of course) before venturing up the Montpernasse Tower.

We made the choice not to go up the Eiffel Tower and instead, go up the Montpernasse Tower as it looks out at the Eiffel Tower therefore you get that in your view (similar to going up Top of the Rock in New York and seeing The Empire State Building). We went up just before dusk to catch the city transforming from day-to-night which was just beautiful.

Dinner was next and then a wander to check out the Moulin Rouge which in all honesty, was a bit of a let down - it all seemed a little tacky, not really my cup of tea.

Day 4
We pretty much had another full day as our Eurostar home wasn't until 21:15 so we headed to see the catacombes - not my choice of morning activity and in all honesty, didn't like it at all, it was all just a bit creepy! To chill things out a bit we headed off for our cruise along the River Seine and another viewing of the Eiffel Tower - I told you, I just couldn't get enough of it.

Late afternoon, we decided to head on over to the Sacré Coeur which was just stunning. Word of warning here guys - there are a LOT of steps to get up the Sacré Coeur, A LOT. We really weren't prepared for just how many and after 3 pretty much full days of walking around Paris and full of cold, it was tough going - BUT, there is a monorail that you can catch, not something we were aware of until we got to the top so I'd recommend taking that if you're not up for walking the hundreds of steps (that might be an exaggeration, I'm not sure the exact amount of steps).

Then it was home time - boo hoo hoo!

I truly loved Paris - it was just beautiful in so many ways and I will most definitely return that's for sure. I'd highly recommend the Eurostar if you can, it was sooooooo simple and quick and with their frequency, you can really make the most out of short trip away!

Hope you've enjoyed a peek in to my travels to Paris - at the moment, our next adventure planned until isn't Christmas 2015 when we shall be venturing to New York which seems so far away now but hopefully there will be something else in between!

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