Sunday, 14 December 2014

One Saturday evening...

If you follow me on twitter/instagram, you will already know this by now but if not, then I have some wonderful news...I got engaged *cue a Monica moment with me shouting from the rooftops*

The OH and I have been together for 10 1/2yrs and had resound myself to the fact that this day would probably never happen so this came as a mega surprise indeed but a very very welcome one!

The proposal wasn't anything spectacular but it was just perfect for us - it happened on a Saturday night whilst we were chilling out at home. I'd just taken off all my make-up, settled in for the evening to watch Xfactor in my onesie and we were having a snuggle on the sofa before turning the tv on and he asked that magical question!

I have always said I wanted to be proposed to in my worst state because if someone wants to ask that question then, they must really love you and that's exactly what he did!

He had been planning it for quite a while - since I went to Barcelona in fact, that's when he started ring shopping etc. His plan was to propose in Paris whilst we were there in October however madam over here was full of cold and feeling very poorly and passed it on to him so he decided it wasn't the right time and held off until it was (which I'm very glad about as we really wouldn't of been able to enjoy it that much in Paris in the state I was in).

So, there we have it, I am now a finacee and I'm absolutely over the moon about it! My pinterest obsession has gone absoutely crazy and all our spare time has been taken up doing weddingy stuff!

I've decided to make my own wedding planner as I just couldn't find one I liked enough or had the right inserts so this way I can do what the hell I like. I popped in to staples yesterday and had oodles of fun at the Martha Stewart section and very much looking forward to getting started!

I will be sharing some of our plans with you as we go along so watch this space for lots more weddingy posts to come!


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