Sunday, 6 July 2014

Life lately

Now I realise I am totally ripping off the lovely Rosie and Katy here with this post but I love these types of posts - they remind me that life isn't all that blah blah blah all of the time and even if I'm feeling naff, there are actually good things going on. So here goes with my take on 'life lately'

Enjoying...time with my bestest friends. I'm sure I've mentioned before but the friends that I made at uni really are the best thing that ever came out of that time in my life - I hated uni except for these 5 girls that made it worth the 3 years spent there! Last weekend one of the lovely ladies had her hen do' down in London and it was the first time in about 2 years that we've had some time, just us 6 girls and it was just brilliant! It was a rather emotional weekend with lots of revelations, but it reminded us all that we are so lucky to have each other when things aren't all that great! nails this month - completely forgot to upload my NOTM post earlier on in June but I love my nails this month - such a beautiful colour with a lovely glitter overlay!'s been an emotional week or so with lots of good and not so good things happening, topped off with one of my besties asking me to be her Maid of Honour *cue tears over curry last night*

Planning...with the task of MOH comes the planning of the Hen which started this morning. Yes, the wedding isn't until 2016 but there is no harm in getting a head start surely?

Reading...The Fault in our Stars. I'm reading this in little chunks-I'm an emotional person and after the last week, I haven't had the emotional strength to read it this week but I think I shall pick up where I left off this evening and get it finished! new OnePiece*-I was recently offered the chance to choose a OnePiece from the S/S collection and after loving and wearing my original OnePiece to death, it was very much welcomed! I opted for the stripe onesie, a very bright blue/pink/yellow option and I love it! These really are the most comfortable things to wear-it's currently my go-to evening attire, perfect to just chill out!
You can treat yourself to 15% off a OnePiece using the code POCKETDREAMS01 at checkout!

Eating..lots of strawberries and cream - it is Wimbledon time afterall!

Drinking...iced coffee! I am addicted to this stuff - far too refreshing to resist. butt off in the gym. I still hate it and it's not getting easier, but I'm still going so I'm giving myself a pat on the back - I deserve it!

Applying...for so many jobs! Damn bloody recruitment sites leaving jobs live when they've already been fulfilled-I'm sick of hearing that! I am living by good things come to those who wait so I shall keep waiting but I would like a job change rather soon please Mr Perseverance.

Pondering...a new car. I love my little Guiseppe (aka Fiat 500) but I keep seeing lovely Audi A1's whizzing around and find myself longingly pondering about a change.