Sunday, 4 January 2015

Wedmin Series | The Bridesmaids

So, if you missed my first post on this, then I'm engaged - yay, go me! I wanted to document the different stages in the process of planning my big day and what better place to do this than here in my little corner of the internet. I shall hopefully be posting about each different section of the 'wedmin' process as and when it occurs so this may not be in the "right" order or anything, but it's our order.

The first thing I did after getting that ring on my finger was pick my bridesmaids - although there wasn't much picking to be done as I have pretty much known my bridesmaids for many many years. I am having 5 (possibly 6) in total which I think is a lot but they're all very special ladies to me and I'm only going to do this the once (hopefully) so why not have 5!

So the who | My 6 comprise of my childhood best friend (since we were 2yrs), my uni best friend, 3 best friends from home (although 1 is living in Sydney hence why there's a possible one) and last but not least a bestie who grew on me - we didn't like each other much when we first met but over the years we have become amazing friends!

And the how | I wanted to ask my bridesmaids in a way that was slightly different and wasn't just a me asking the question outright so off I headed to pinterest of course for some inspiration. I was initially looking at the cards that are out there but decided on the balloon proposal-if you've ever search for bridesmaid proposals then you'll most definitely of seen this. This was exactly the type of thing/statement I was looking for and so easy to make yourself.

This was such and exciting way for me to ask my bridesmaids and I loved watching their reactions as they were opening the box and being very confused by what it was!

If you're thinking of doing this yourself, a few notes to take on board - the balloons don't go that big unless you buy a massive box so there's not much a pop in reality; be ware of those that are scared of popping balloons - one of my bridesmaids in particular just wouldn't pop it which actually made the whole scenario hilarious as the other bridesmaid had already popped hers and was holding her breath waiting to say something. But those points aside, it was a great proposal and something my bridesmaids loved!

Next in my 'Wedmin Series' will be venue decisions...stay tuned!

The DIY version:
Boxes: I bought mine from 'The tiny box company' and chose the 15cmx15xm which I think was plenty big enough.
Balloons/ Confetti: I picked up bits from my closest card shop which was the card factory. You could always link the balloon colours to your colour scheme if you've already got one sorted.
Scroll: I downloaded the floral boarder online - can't remember where sorry but it was a search on pinterest and it was free to use for personal use. I then searched for the right question wording and this particular one fitted very well as I we didn't have a date/decisions made except for the bridesmaids.
Ribbon: The ribbon was just something I had lying about in my card/wrapping bag so nothing special - can again be used to fit in with the colour scheme.

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