Thursday, 30 April 2015

Bucket list destinations

I've never been much of a 'world wide' traveller having visited Europe a few times as a young 'un! Since then, travelling has been rather high on my agenda! Travelling is such a wonderful thing, it really does enhance the soul and memories are something you can keep with you forever!

When I read about the competition being run by Transun to win a holiday to see the Northern Lights by writing about your top 3 bucket list destinations, I couldn't help but get the computer out and give it a shot!
My first real travel opportunity was visiting New York on a school trip when I was 15 - it was nothing short of incredible and it started my love affair with the Big Apple. It's an incredible City, one that I've re-visited (and will re-visit again this christmas/NYE) and although I've been before, it's still firm in my bucket list destinations. But on to my top 3...

1. If I'm honest, seeing the Northern Lights in number 1 in my bucket list of destinations to visit. It's up there in my 30 before 30 and well, there's not long left to achieve this seeing as I turn 29 in the new few weeks (eek)! I couldn't imagine anything quite so beautiful then seeing something so natural yet so stunning! I'm signed up Aurorawatch here in the UK and have tried to catch the phenomenon (including driving out around 1am in my pj's) but I've never quite made it in time or had the right weather where I live! I honestly believe it would be an honour to witness this.

 2. South Africa - and going on Safari to be precise. I'm an animal lover and an absolute zoo fanatic-everywhere I go, wherever it may be in the world, if there's a zoo, then we must visit so I couldn't imagine anything better than seeing these animals in their own habitat! Ah it makes my heart flutter just thinking about it!

3. West Coast America - I'm putting this in as a destination even thought it's multiple destinations but it's something I'd like to do in one go! The OH and I had plans to do this over 3 weeks in 2016 however, we got engaged so it's been put on the back burner for the time being but most definitely something that WILL happen! One of my best friends is currently ticking this off her bucket list on a 3 month road trip and I honestly couldn't be more jealous! She's blogging her journey and I am taking so many notes ready for my turn!

What are your top 3 bucket list destinations?

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  1. Oh the Northern Lights are so spectacular! There are just too many nice places to visit. My top three would be Jerusalem, Africa and Hawaii.


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