Sunday, 31 May 2015

Wedmin series | Theme

One of my favourite parts of wedding planning so far is sorting out a theme that we wanted to go with and then running with it! I have spent endless hours on pinterest and google images trying to find inspiration and ideas of what I can and cannot do.

I think it's important to think about your venue - will your theme suit? I had originally thought about a very pretty/floral/bunting esq theme, which although will probably go, wouldn't quite look right. I think the most important thing is to find something you're both happy with and stick to it - don't get carried away by what others are doing.

We decided quite early on what our theme would be and how it would plan out at our venue but I know it can be quite a tricky element of wedding planning and quite easy to get carried away - especially with the likes of pinterest around these days.
As we're getting married in a barn we decided on a rustic theme which some may say cliche, but it really does suit our style. It's a very common theme therefore there is quite a lot out there inspiration wise which is rather handy.

I don't want to give too much away our full theme (I'll leave it until afterwards and let the photo's do the talking) but one of the things that I really wanted within the wedding was some old rustic apple crates. They really are everywhere at the moment and I just love how versatile they can be *see below pinterest pics*.


I plan on having these throughout the wedding for different uses and my Dad has been very busy building away making his own from some old pallets - surprisingly it's rather easy to knock some up. But, in my search for ideas, I came across a '' who sell a whole range of personalised products including apple crates.

They were very kind in sending me a few items and I could not be happier with them. The apple crates* are just perfect and actually rather large - I didn't read the description really so when they arrived I was rather taken aback by how big they were.

 Minx wanted to get in on the action too...
I think she might think that this is for her box - she is a cat after all.

The apple crates also came with some liners for use in the garden and although we're not the biggest of gardeners, we do dabble in planted herbs so will be most definitely making use of these post wedding!

You can personalise them with pretty much anything you want really - they don't have to be wedding themed, if you have a budding gardener you wanted to buy for I think these would be perfect!

I also received a personalised cheeseboard* which I cannot wait to use - we're both big lovers of cheese, like, really really love it so it's definitely going be featured in the wedding menu somewhere (possibly a cake of cheese-watch this space) and this is going to fit perfectly!

The bottom of the cheeseboard slides out and have 4 knives inside 

I honestly couldn't recommend enough - the quality of the products is excellent and they arrived so quickly and I think the prices are so reasonable (especially compared with other personalised sites out there). I will definitely be picking up some more bits, not just for the wedding but for some special gifts.

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