Sunday, 4 October 2015

Wedmin Series | Save Our Date

Next instalment of the wedmin series is our 'save the dates' and boy do they make me happy.

Sending save the date's was a debate that the fiance and I had and I won - hands down! He didn't really see the point in sending any as nearly all our guests have already pre-booked their accommodation HOWEVER, I am a stationary fiend therefore any excuse to make my own, then why the hell wouldn't I!

As with most brides-to-be, I turned to good old pinterest to start the quest for my perfect save the dates. I ended up with 4 different elements of different invitations I'd seen that I wanted to bring together! Now, I had no idea how this was going to happen but luckily, a very lovely and clever friend offered to help, and with her being a graphic designer, I bit her hand off!

Without further a'do, here is our 'Save the Date'...

As you can see, I opted for a chalkboard design with a pop of colour here and there. I really wanted to use the 'knot' element as I'd seen it on so many pinterest options (and it was something I'd never received myself) and as sad as it sounds, it had a really nice sound to it with our names (yup, I liked the little rhyme)!

The save the dates really do emulate *hopefully* elements that will feature within the wedding such as the mason jars, festoon lighting and the signpost on the back.

All have now been sent out and I've had so many lovely comments from my family and friends. It sounds really odd, but when I sent them out, I was so nervous about people's responses but thankfully, they've all been good.

Now to start thinking about the actual invites!

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