Sunday, 23 August 2015

Wedmin Series | The Photopgrapher

Well hello there!

It's been a little while since I last did a wedmin update but real life wedmin planning took over and I completely forgot to pop things down on here too.

Today I wanted to share with you our photographers and our journey on picking the right one for us.

This was one element of wedding planning I struggled a little with as photography is very subjective to the couple and what you'd like from your day - not to mention, it's quite a hefty chunk of the budget.

For us, as a couple, we're not a very photographed one (in our 11 year relationship, there is about 2/3 photo's of just the 2 of us) mainly because the other half absolutely hates having his photo taken so this wasn't going to be an easy task.
Our first look at photographers was at a wedding fair we attended together and we made it a mission to look at every photographer stand *yawn*. We discussed on our way to said wedding fair about styles we liked/disliked and agreed 100% that we really didn't want any posey/staged photos - it just didn't suit us at all, and as I said, the OH doesn't really like the camera so we wanted to make the whole experience as comfortable as we possibly could.

I mentioned in my wedding fair post that wedding suppliers can be quite forthcoming as they obviously want your booking but oh my, photographers were on a whole different level! Nearly all had their diaries out to check our date before we'd even opened an album and that really put me off. After a couple of stands, we started saying that we didn't have a date set yet just to get some breathing space.

We spent some time looking through their display albums and having a chat which gave us a little insight in to their style of photography and we came away from the wedding fair with only one possibility which was a bit naff.

Our next look was actually at a wedding fair at our venue - we weren't actually going to look at photographers as we'd already checked out the recommended one's from the venue but whilst nosing around the stalls, we came across Paul Joseph Photography. Paul was manning the stand, acknowledged us and left us to browse their albums which was a breath of fresh air - there was no pressure to discuss dates or anything. I think we both knew straight away that these guys would be a great fit but kept it to ourselves. We started chatting with Paul & Kelly (husband & wife team) and loved them straight away. We played it cool, took their business card and went on to the next stall.

With one last look online and chatting on forums, we were in between 2 so we arranged a skype chat with both one evening to help us make a final decision. Now, skyping seemed to be quite a popular thing however was a very strange concept to us but it wasn't weird at all!

I'll be honest, we finished our skype chat with Paul & Kelly and were pretty sure that they were our photographers - we had a really fun session and they just seemed to get us as a couple, not to mention that their portfolio is amazing! BOOKED!

And what a bonus, Kelly is one half of 'Boho Weddings Blog' - one of my favourite blogs out there! I really can't wait to share our day with them both and see what they can capture of my photo-phobe other half!

How did you find your photographer?

{349 days to go}