30 before 30

1.       Visit New York – again (maybe with the girls next time)!
2.       Visit Paris
3.       Go on safari
4.       See Dolphins/Whales (in their own habitat) - Saw dolphins at Jarvis Bay, Australia Sept 2011
5.       Get married *one step closer, got engaged*
6.       See the northern lights
7.       Reach my target weight
8.       See Wicked in the West End
9.       Pay off all my debt
10.   Get over my fish phobia *started therapy so fingers crossed*
11.   Live in a city
12.   Move up the career path 
13.   Learn sign language
14.   Print all my digital photo’s and put in photo albums
15.   Buy a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes (preferably as my wedding shoes)
16.   Own my own domain
17.   Own a convertible
18.   Watch Ghost (shock horror I have never see this) Seen the film and watched it in the West End-amazing!
19.   Still be seeing my best friends as regular as I do now
20.   Start saving
21.   Go up Snowdon (I’ve lived in North Wales all my life but have never been up)
22.   Find the perfect jeans (this may be helped by #7)
23.   Make amazing homemade bread
24.   Spend NYE in New York & London
25.   Visit one of best friends whilst she’s still in Sydney August/September 2011
26.   Go camping (glamping more to the point)
27.   Own some clothbound books (and read them-they’re not just for decoration) Little Women
28.   Have the perfect dressing room (decorated in beautifully shabby chic)
29.   Visit London Zoo
30.   Treat myself something from Tiffany & Co/ Mulberry Tamara Oak Scarf!

This list will be in working progress and I will update as and when I can cross things off!